Construction Site Safety

Milestone promotes a zero-incident safety culture through their annual “Safety Summit” and in-house focus on employee health and welfare.

Building a Zero-Incident Safety Culture

Milestone works relentlessly to cultivate a zero-incident safety culture. The safety and wellbeing of every person is our top priority. We are committed to preventing incidences that may result in personal injury, equipment damage, negative environmental impact, security breaches, and production delays. We maintain a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for our employees by instituting sound pre-job planning, employee training, and proper execution with highly experienced supervision.

Each morning begins with a safety call that includes the safety team, foremen, superintendents, project managers, engineers, and the president of the company. We discuss the day’s schedule, potential hazards, and specific ways to mitigate these obstacles. Following this meeting, the foremen meet with their field crews to communicate and reinforce the safety plan. This proactive approach helps us anticipate areas for improvement and execute preventative measures before incidents occur.

Meeting and Setting Construction Industry Safety Standards

Milestone prides itself on a strong safety culture that’s leading the construction industry to stricter safety regulations. We’ve created a strict safety program that ensures compliance and optimizes our performance. Our “Goal Zero” incidents approach works toward zero injuries, zero vehicle collisions, and zero environmental incidents leading us to 100% organizational excellence. Whether on a job site or at our corporate office, our culture promotes excellence in safety.

A Proactive Safety Approach

We take a proactive safety approach to potential incidents by analyzing the performance of our people, weather conditions, land terrain, project changes, and potential hazards. We anticipate areas where improvements can be made, and we make them happen.

We’ve also developed a safety reporting program that keeps safety in the forefront of our teams’ minds by sending notifications of safe acts in the field, as well as near hits and incidents. Our Near Hits and Safe ActsTM program helps prevent future incidents by providing valuable information learned from past experiences through first-hand reports of incidents, near hits, safe acts, and unsafe conditions.

Annual “Safety Summit” and Ongoing Construction Safety Programs

Our annual “Safety Summit” and ongoing construction safety programs set Milestone apart. We continually build and enhance safety orientation and training programs to develop and expand the knowledge base of our teams. Each year, Milestone hosts a “Safety Summit” to develop leaders in construction safety, provide an engaging and experiential learning environment, and deliver the most active and informative safety awareness training in our business. Industry professionals are gathered at this event to teach about safety topics varying from 811/underground utilities to trenching to operator safety and more.

Our employees also stay up to date on safety certifications such as AHA CPR/First Aid, SafeLandUSA, OSHA, and Operator Qualifications.

These programs not only give employees a better understanding of job responsibilities, but they also build confidence, which empowers our teams to work smarter and more effectively. This finely tuned experience is what separates Milestone from the rest.

To pay our expertise forward, Milestone helps grow our industry by shaping new and young talent. We recruit from our local high schools and colleges and the communities where we work to fill internships and entry level positions. Building a strong workforce where people grow and flourish in their career, with the right training and experience, is critical to the success and longevity of our business.

A Focus on Employee Health and Welfare

Being a strong and successful company means having strong and successful employees, which is why Milestone is dedicated to employee health and welfare. Our corporate office offers group fitness programs, as well as personal training consultations, to support and help improve the quality of life for our employees.