Oil & Gas and Civil Construction Services

Milestone Companies provides oil & gas services as well as civil construction services to municipalities and the oil & gas pipeline industry. Our list of services is comprehensive, allowing us to handle a full range of services within the civil and oil & gas industries.

Skilled Construction Services That Save Time and Money

Milestone’s extensive list of skilled construction services include oil and gas construction, heavy highway construction, rail facilities, pipeline repair, and compressor station installation. The earlier in the planning process we get involved, the more value we can provide. Our experienced pipeline crews, as well as a specialized fleet of construction equipment can help you save time and money every step of the way, from pipeline route selection through right-of-way reclamation.

We offer manned and unmanned aircraft surveys of proposed construction zones, along with soil sampling and analysis performed by in-house scientists and agronomists. Documenting pre-existing conditions allow us to develop the most successful remediation plans, erosion control, seed mixes, and topsoil salvage recommendations – culminating in successful reclamation.

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