We offer a wide range of oil & gas construction industry services. We are experienced in pipeline and station services, ranging from preconstruction consulting, to construction, to reclamation, to pipeline maintenance and repairs.

Oil & Gas Construction Services:

Natural Gas, Oil, and Fuel Pipelines Construction

Varying from 2” to 36” steel, steel-poly, and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline
Pipeline Fabrication and pipeline installation services

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Services

Directional boring used in road, river, and wetlands crossings

Pipeline Hydrostatic Testing/Drying Services

Hydrostatic pressure testing of new construction as well as existing pipelines
Pipeline drying after hydrotest procedure

Pipeline Repair and Pipeline Maintenance

Pipeline Anomaly digs, smart pipeline pigging inspections, and pipeline lowering


Rail spur yards, pipe rack installation, pipe hauling, and pipeline stringing

Pipeline Integrity Management Programs

Upgrading systems for pipeline pigging operations, PHMSA regulations compliance programs, pipeline cleaning, and diggable lines

Civil Pipeline Construction

Compressor Station concrete construction, oil and gas storage tank foundations, excavation, and de-watering

Oil and Gas Facilities Work/Natural Gas Compressor Station Construction

New compressor station installation and upgrades of demolition stations and Remote Control Valves (RCV)

Preconstruction Services

UAV surveying, soil sampling and testing, topsoil salvage recommendations

Pipeline Services

Land reclamation, restoration, and remediation