In the construction industry, there are numerous types of projects. Large-scale projects are often grouped under a subset called “Heavy Civil Construction.” These typically involve infrastructure that has a significant impact on our daily lives. Infrastructure construction services focus on projects that make life more convenient for motorists, commuters, and residents. Thus, infrastructure projects are an integral part of maintaining and improving essential functions for citizens across the country. Below, you’ll find the main types of infrastructure construction projects.

Road, Street, And Highway Construction

Infrastructure Construction ProjectsSome of the most common types of infrastructure construction projects involve roadways. These projects can range significantly in scope. For example, streets and roads never cease to succumb to the wear and tear of weather and regular use, developing cracks and potholes that need to be repaired. However, these are much more than cosmetic fixes. These roadway repair projects help keep motorists safe and prevent damage to underground pipes, cables, and electric lines.

Other projects include complete street reconstruction or the installation of new highways. These projects are often necessary for growing cities and large metro areas due to increased traffic congestion. Civil construction companies often complete these projects in conjunction with local, state, or federal governments.

Bridge Construction

Another project type typical to the heavy civil construction industry is bridge construction. As with roadways, bridge projects range in scope from minor cosmetic work, to upkeep and maintenance, to construction of new bridges.

Engineering experts estimate that in the United States, over 54,000 of the nearly 612,000 bridges are structurally deficient. And this number is expected to grow over time. This does not necessarily mean that the bridges are currently unsafe. However, it does mean that they need to have work done to maintain their structural integrity. Hence, bridges provide an excellent workflow opportunity for the heavy civil construction industry.

Although bridges provide construction companies with good revenue and work opportunities, working on bridges can prove to be a logistical nightmare for many companies. Safety must be an integral part of these projects to avoid injuries and fatalities. Rerouting traffic when working on bridges can prove to be difficult, as traffic may have long detours to the next bridged location. There are also many engineering factors that companies must take into consideration before working on a bridge.

Airport Construction

Over the past few decades, flying has grown in popularity across the country. It’s now easier than ever for someone to catch a flight to their destination of choice. But, as the number of people who use airports grow, so does the need for airport reconstruction and retrofitting.

Airports rely on the heavy civil construction industry to help make improvements to their existing infrastructure.  Airport improvements could include installing more runways so that the airport could handle more traffic. It could also involve things such as building new terminals or hangars or making improvements to the existing infrastructure. As air travel becomes more common across the United States, it will be more critical than ever for public and privately-owned airports to continue investing in airport improvements.

Waste Management Construction

The population of the United States is growing at a rate of about .7 to .9 percent each year and is expected to continue this growth rate in the foreseeable future. The population growth creates problems for government agencies when it comes to waste management. Everyone produces waste, both sewage and trash. Larger populations mean larger quantities of waste that require processing.

Proper waste management helps to keep citizens safe, cities clean, and the environment happy. If governments do not invest in adequate waste management, the risks of bacteria, pests, and disease rise significantly. Contracted construction companies focus on building waste management facilities that process, dispose of, and recycle waste properly.

Telecommunication Projects

While cellular connectivity has replaced landlines in many residences and businesses, telecommunication projects are not slowing down.  Instead, today’s civilization is greatly dependent on the internet, and faster connections are required across the nation. We are moving into the era of the IoT, or “internet of things,” where appliances and many other devices are connected to the internet.  Hence, the demand for faster internet connections will continue to grow.

To handle this demand, many large cities already have fiber optic cabling, but the vast majority of mid-size and small cities still need this infrastructure put in place.  In the coming years, civil construction companies will be assisting to deliver up-to-date telecom infrastructure to these areas.

Power Generation Projects

As the population continues to grow, so will the need to deliver power to the growing consumer base. Construction and upkeep of power generation plants continue to be an integral cog of the heavy civil construction industry. Not only must construction companies build power plants that generate the electricity, but they must also build infrastructure that safely transmits this electricity to the consumers.

Additionally, many states have shifted to burying power lines. These projects involve extensive digging and laying of the powerlines. Also, thorough planning and engineering are required so as not to interfere with other underground infrastructure, such as gas, water, and sewer.

Infrastructure Construction Project Services

Nationwide, there are thousands of companies providing civil construction services.  For smaller civil and infrastructure jobs, local construction contractors usually work best, as relocating across the country to handle smaller projects simply is not worth the cost. For heavy civil construction and large infrastructure construction projects, contracting a company experienced in that particular type of work is much more important than the cost of relocating the crew and equipment to a different state.

Milestone Companies is very experienced in many different types of heavy civil construction projects and equipped to relocate within the continental United States and Canada. Our civil construction services page highlights where our experience lies and how we are helping infrastructure keep up with the growing populous.