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Gas & Oil Construction

Welders 8065

We offer a wide range of oil & gas construction services. We are experienced in pipeline and station services, ranging from a consulting, to construction, to reclamation, to pipeline maintenance and pipeline repair services.

Civil Construction


We are experienced with various heavy civil construction services and infrastructure construction services. These services include construct-ability review, site preparation, and construction.


Core Values:

Safety: Our top priority is the well-being of every person.

Commitment: We’re loyal to co-workers, clients, vendors, and communities.

Accountability: We’re accountable for our actions, commitments, decisions, and results.

Communication: We invite open and honest communication.

Humility: We share responsibility and credit.

Integrity: We act honestly without compromising the truth.

Respect: We respect ourselves, our team, and others.

Family: We honor and cherish our families.


Zero Injuries
Zero Deaths
Zero Vehicle Collisions
Zero Environmental Incidents
100% Organizational Excellence

Our Safety Standards:

Safety is our highest priority. We take a proactive approach to potential incidents by analyzing the performance of our people, weather conditions, terrain, and potential hazards. We anticipate areas where improvements can be made, and then make it happen. It is Milestone’s policy to establish and maintain a “Goal Zero” safety culture regarding all aspects of our lives. Our safety record is one of the best in the industry.