Experienced Oil & Gas Construction Company

As an experienced oil and gas construction company, Milestone provides high-quality construction services to the oil & gas industry. Our track record at completing projects on time, on budget, and with precision is our competitive edge.

We approach every project with integrity and a commitment to reach the best outcomes for everyone involved. To make that happen, we engage with both customers and communities and develop solutions that strike a balance between profitability and environmental responsibility. In addition, our unique industry partnerships allow us to take advantage of the latest solutions throughout the reclamation lifecycle.

Our oil and gas construction services include natural gas, oil, and fuel pipelines; facility work; loading/offloading/storage; compressor stations; integrity programs; and pipeline repair and maintenance.  For a complete list, see our Oil and Gas Services page.

Accomplished Heavy Civil Construction Company

Milestone’s extensive knowledge in Heavy Civil Construction will give your project the attention to detail it truly needs. Many years of experience has given us the tools to balance high-quality construction with safe works practices tied in with budget-friendly solutions. Our long history of safety and successful civil construction projects gives us the confidence to tackle projects ranging from small to large.

Milestone Companies is committed to successful results for not only our clients, but our communities. We are adamant in our solutions taking the environment and community needs into consideration while fulfilling our clients’ budgetary and timeline requirements.

Our civil construction services include road and highway construction, bridge and box culvert construction, structural concrete construction, rail facilities, and constructibility reviews.


Zero Injuries

Zero Deaths

Zero Vehicle Collisions

Zero Environmental Incidents

100% Organizational Excellence

Our Saftey Standards:

Safety is our highest priority. We take a proactive approach to potential incidents by analyzing the performance of our people, weather conditions, terrain, and potential hazards. We anticipate areas where improvements can be made, and then make it happen. It is Milestone’s policy to establish and maintain a “Goal Zero” safety culture regarding all aspects of our lives. Our safety record is one of the best in the industry.