Gas & Oil Companies

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Oil & Gas Construction Services:

Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Construction:

  • We install steel, steel-poly, and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipelines ranging from 2″ to 36″ in diameter.
  • We are fully equipped in pipeline fabrication and pipeline installation services.
  • • We perform compressor station concrete and oil & gas storage tank foundation construction as well as complete excavations and de-watering of sites.

Oil and Gas Facilities Work/Natural Gas Compressor Station Construction:

  • We perform compressor station installations, as well as upgrades of demolition stations and remote control valves (RCVs).

Pipeline Integrity Management Programs:

  • We are skilled in upgrading systems for pipeline pigging operations, PHMSA regulation compliance programs, and all general pipeline integrity work.
  • We perform pipeline repair and maintenance, pipeline anomaly digs, smart pigging inspections, and pipeline lowering.
  • Upgrade old lines to perform hydrotests required for compliance

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Services & Convention Bore:

  • We use direction boring to expertly navigate road, river, and wetland crossings.
  • We perform conventional boring at locations required such as buildings & and other situations where HDD is not possible

Pipeline Testing/Drying Services:

  • We use hydrostatic and nitrogen pressure testing for both new and established pipelines.
  • We perform pipeline cleaning and drying techniques to reach required dew points.

Roust A Bout Work:

  • We have several roust-a-bout crews that perform routine maintenance on clients system.
  • Our roust-a-bout crews also perform new installation of smaller compressor and meter stations.


  • We have the capabilities to install pipe racks, load/offload pipe at rail spur yards, haul pipe, and string pipe.

Preconstruction Services:

  • We perform full analyses of cost options, feasibility, budget pricing, and scheduling/logistics.

Pipeline Services:

  • We provide land reclamation, restoration, and remediation of project sites.