Milestone’s Approach to Construction is Different Than MOst

We begin our projects with the end in mind. Our goal for each of our projects is to make sure that we leave clients and communities as green or greener than when we arrived.

With help from Duraroot, Milestone Companies can take advantage of Duraroot’s environmental expertise. Duraroot is an environmental consulting firm based in Keenesburg, Colorado, that specializes in providing natural resource management and reclamation services with an emphasis placed on the soil and agronomic sciences.

With Duraroot’s help, Milestone can maximize the reclamation success from the beginning. Top Soil Delineation and Eco Zone Planning are two of Duraroot’s services they perform that leads to successful reclamation.

To accurately identify the soil quantities for salvaging, top soil delineation is a necessary step. Topsoil delineation allows Milestone to map the various topsoil depths along the project boundaries. Along with soil depth, Duraroot’s team maps soil’s physical and chemical properties along the ROW. Based on the data collected, Milestone can plan for effective seeding and ultimately final reclamation (Eco Zone Plans). The team of certified soil scientists at Duraroot provide expert-level soil delineation services for all types of projects. You should never begin a project without a proper analysis of the ground you are working on.

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